Surprisingly good

I started eating a green smoothie for one meal a day (or every other day) about 2 weeks ago. I was not completely excited about trying this, but I have gained nearly 40 lbs since the migraines became too bad for me to be active and I didn’t see any end in sight. And they do seem to be working, I lost about 10 lbs quickly, gained a little bit back, and now am slowly losing again. What has surprised me is how much I like the taste of these things. Each ingredient sounds good to me, but the thought of putting them all together in one drink sounded pretty disgusting. But I was wrong, they are actually quite good.

After reading multiple blogs and recipes I settled on a pretty generic recipe.

  • 1 cup of fresh greens
  • 1 cup of yogurt + whole milk (approx. half of each)
  • 1/2 cup raw, rolled oats
  • 1 Tbsp of oil or fat
  • 1 chilled banana
  • 3/4 cup of other chilled fruit

The greens can be baby spinach, kale, or broccoli, the yogurt plain or vanilla, the fat can be any nut butter or olive oil. My first smoothie was spinach, peanut butter and blueberries. Most of the flavor came from the peanut butter and banana and it was quite good. Then I tried kale. I should have known better as I don’t like cabbage and kale smells like a worse version of cabbage (to me). I barely got that one down, although many people seem to love kale. I plan on leaving it to those who love it, and sticking with spinach. This morning’s smoothie is perhaps the best I have ever made. Baby spinach, with vanilla yogurt, olive oil, and freshly pitted cherries.

The business end of an immersion blender

The business end of an immersion blender

I have also found a little trick that really makes cleaning up much easier. I make the smoothie in a wide mouth, quart mason jar. I put the yogurt in the bottom, add the spinach and chop/blend them using an immersion blender. Then I add the other ingredients one by one chopping each into the mixture . This recipe fills the jar about 3/4 full. I never really measure anything carefully so it is mostly just dumping things in the jar and chopping them into the mixture. By putting the banana and fruit in the freezer a few minutes before starting everything is nice and cold without any ice. Then I clean the immersion blender and rubber spatula before I even start drinking. That just leaves the mason jar which is easy and can be cleaned in the dishwasher if I am feeling lazy. I like to cook and bake, but sometimes simple really is best.


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